A BEEF Farmer’s Commitment to Sustainability

The cattle farmer and rancher commitment to the environment goes beyond just lip service. Here are 7 ways raising BEEF is greener than you think…

1. Provide habitat for ground nesting birds.

2. Practice contour farming, in which crops are planted along the natural contours of the land. The rows slow water run-off during rainstorms to prevent soil erosion and allow the water time to soak into the soil.

3. Utilize rotational grazing in which livestock are moved to different pastures every few days to prevent overgrazing.

4. Protect open spaces from development through programs like conservation easements.

5. Compost cattle manure into fertilizer products that can be used by golf courses, athletic fields, gardens, etc.

6. Maintain and introduce habitats as homes for numerous endangered species.

7. Plant trees for windbreaks, which provide protection for livestock, wildlife and soil.

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